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Saturday, August 1st, 2009

The original ad had said that it was a ten minute walk from the skytrain so we decided to test it out.  Thirty minutes later we arrived.  Not bad, and not totally unexpected.

The place was kind of cavernous.  It had long, narrow dark hallways with random bedrooms that opened into random places and a few weird little rooms that could only be accessed through other bedrooms.

Apparently there was someone in there when we arrived.  The person moved silently throughout the rooms ahead of us.  It reminded me of the uncomfortable feeling I got when my dad and I went to a house that was a foreclosure sale, where all the inhabitants were there to glare at you as you walked through.

I didn’t get to see the dining room because the person was in there  – it had been converted into a bedroom by the current tenants, the evictees.  I could see why they were leaving.  The place smelled off and flies were everywhere.

They’re going to clean.  We move in September first.